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We have been working with junior resource companies for over 30 years and over that time one thing still remains the same “it’s all about the story”. It’s the story that catches the attention of the investor. It’s the story that the investor must understand themselves so that they can relate it on to their associates.

For 30 years we have been helping juniors create their story and communicate it to the investment community. The only thing that has changed is the technology. It wasn’t that long ago that powerpoint presentations became the big thing for telling the story. They still are but are no longer effective for taking advantage of today’s powerful communication technological shifts.

Today it’s all about internet, multimedia, smartphones, tablets, video, youtube, marketing vs IR, SEO optimization, social or business media. These are the new terms that junior resource companies must embrace and incorporate to successfully communicate their story to today’s investment community.

And most important of all today’s investors are saying “Don’t tell me your story…..Show me your story!”

Don't Tell Me...Show Me!

So how do you get investors to see your story in today’s super crowded internet?

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There is no “one solution” but there are a number of very powerful communication tools that are available today.

Make your data visual

A good place to start is with probably the most important component of your story, your exploration data.

Most investors today aren’t to savvy on technical numbers but they can figure our visuals.

Drill data for example. Which side would you prefer to see in a news release?


drill results


drill results

More investors will read and understand a news release with a visual embedded. (more below)

Video Content Creation

How do you get more investors to see your story, to view your story and to understand your story?

With video of course.

The power of video

Today video is the most cost effective and engaging method for communicating your project story or news to your shareholders and the investment community at large.

Our videos are designed to continuously engage and educate your shareholders.

Website Overhauls

Maybe it’s time to give your website a makeover.

Adding more multimedia will engage your visitors, get them to stay longer and learn more about your project.

We can make your story easy to understand for investors.

Is your website Search Engine Optimized (SEO)? Can investors find you in today’s overcrowded internet?

Search Engine Optimization is an art, a science and ever so important getting noticed and having more investors find you. Read more below.

Video Embedded News Releases & Distribution

One of the most important methods of communicating with the investment community
All your future drill result news releases will contain embedded graphics and/or 3d drill results video.
The benefits of news releases with embedded video and/or graphics:
– Google is 53 times more likely to place your story on the first page of a search result as opposed to a similar content text only document.
– Your news release will be seen by 4.3 times as many viewers than a text only document.
– Your news content is understood better than text only news releases

In addition your news release videos will be delivered on a video-on-demand basis to media giant Thomson Reuters’ extensive paid subscriber base of 550,000 financial terminals.

Social Business Media Networking

Social media has changed the landscape of communications and has become a major tool for corporate communications. In fact we prefer now to call it  “Business Media Networking”
We develop Business Media strategies that talk with today’s investors where they are. We build your brand on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Having a social business media marketing content plan is an essential part of your  IR/Marketing strategy.

Search Engine Marketing & Optimization

Organizations of all sizes are realizing the importance of online marketing, especially through search engines. Nowadays, people are more likely to end up on your website via a search engine than going directly to it. In fact, according to Jupiter Research, a Forrester Research company, 81% of users find their desired destination through a search engine.
Organic SEO is the process used to obtain a natural listing in search results. It is called organic because there is no money being paid to the search engine for higher rankings. In fact, you cannot purchase higher rankings within the major search engines. They rank on a complex algorithm designed to seek out and list quality content that offers a great user experience.
Organic SEO is accomplished with the use of multiple techniques.
• Use of keywords and keyword research
• Backlinks (links to your site from outside sites or directories)
• Writing content relevant to readers.

Investing in organic SEO is more important now than ever before. Your business definitely needs to have an SEO strategy in place if you are interested in succeeding in terms of online IR & Mmarketing;

SEO  remains one of the single most important components of any organization’s branding efforts and online presence.

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